L’artiste a photographié la collection avec son Afghan Box. Un art de rue, véritable laboratoire photo ambulant où chaque photo est unique.

The artist photographed the collection with his Afghan Box. A street art, a real traveling photo lab where each photo is unique.

The interview of the photographer.

Where did you get this passion from?

I’ve had this passion since my adolescence, especially via the travel photography that I devoured in books and magazines. A one-year immersion in Malaysia in 2006 confirmed my taste for photography, then two major trips to West Africa from 2013 to 2014 reinforced this passion through a longer-term project (Photografrika Project).

How do you use the Afghan Box? Tell us its story!

The Afghan Box is a wooden box equipped with a lens and a black cloth sleeve with two chemistry trays (developer and fixer) inside, a storage space for photosensitive paper and a frosted  glass holder connected to a rod.
Thanks to this box it is possible for me to create, in three minutes all the steps necessary for the creation of a photo, from the focus until the finished photo.

This process was used in the nineteenth and twentieth century for the production of photo ID in developing countries (such as Afghanistan, Cuba, Nigeria, Mali …) because the camera used is easily constructed, changeable, repairable and does not require electricity for its operation.

Shooting in the street in the natural light, it frees the photographer with a portable studio. Since the 2010s, thanks to the work of Lukas Birk and Sean Foley (link: http://www.afghanboxcamera.com/), (that have highlighted the work of Afghan street photographers), a new wave of “Afghanboxers”, has been born in France, Spain, Germany, US, and even in South East Asia.

For this first fashion shoot with Laetitia Modeste Fashion):
How did you choose the place? What is the spirit? Tell us about this experience!

The place, the abandoned Sanatorium of Grau du Roi, was chosen for its raw and wild visual side, to contrast with the collection that displays elegance, softness and perfection.

As I am rather accustomed to fashion shoots on the street during festive events, I loved the idea of finding an unusual setting to achieve something different this afternoon. The technical constraints (big differences of light) and the heat made the work more difficult, but the relaxed and good-natured atmosphere of the shooting made the inconveniences evaporate!

This experience is a very good memory for us, with photos that we like, and which combine very well with the color photos of the collection, taken digitally by Laetitia.

What was your last show?

My last exhibition was about my work as a photographer in West Africa. It was at Redonau cinema Manivel during the La Gacilly photo festival in summer 2017.

If we want to stalk your artistic talents, how do we find your art?

Digitally, I’m currently nomadic. Just follow me on Facebook to locate me! I try to update my movements as soon as I can. For private orders, contact me!
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