"Society will change when morality and ethics are valued by our way of thinking."

Pierre RabhiPhilosophe, pionnier de l'agriculture écologique en France

The bio of the designer.

“I am passionate about the right cuts, noble materials and ecology, I offer people a range of clothing that does not compromise our values.
I am keen to offer you contemporary clothes that uses French know-how while also meeting the environmental requirements that have become a global energency.”

Graduated with honors from “l’Académie Internationale de Coupe” in Paris. I started in the Parisian fashion world with help from the gifted designer and pattern maker Stéphanie Coudert . Her guidance helped traine me with a passion and thirst for learning.

This experience was also an opportunity to discover fast-fashion! What is it? Let me tell you.

Escape from fast-fashion to give garments a new function is my leitmotif.

In Laos, I discovered craftsmanship that makes sense when time is no longer the dominant force. That’s when I decided to train in plant dyes in France, after a wonderful meeting with Magali Bontoux.

Today, I am convinced that the garment must tell you its story and that another fashion is possible, while being more respectful of your skin and the planet.

It is with total transparency that I tell you this story. I do my best to help you recognize the quality of a garment.

Consume less but of a higher quality with responsibility, sense and mindfulness
In my workshop in the South of France, I make materials to construct garment at the zenith of garment craft using tradition skills.

For some clothes, I use French workshops that have living-tradition knowledge.

This story of clothing is just the start. You continue thier story by wearing them. Feel free to write to me and to send me pictures of clothes that “live on you”, and to share, with love and kindness! “